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This Could Not Be Any Worse

We had just sat down to dinner. I took a bite of stirfry and asked him about his day, and while his mouth was moving and sounds were issuing forth, my mind said, “I think maybe we should move to the Puget Sound, but the peninsula, to escape the climate change induced apocalypse. Open Redfin, Now.” A pause, he starting saying something else. My mind continued, “We have to cancel everything, the Delta variant is out of control, what are we going to do I feel trapped this is terrible is this just life now I can’t do this–” I stared past him and yelled at my inner crazy, “not now!”

My Javascript story: beginning again

I began my programming journey in the late 90s (the turn of the last century…yikes). I am completely self taught, and like many people of that era, I picked up steam with JavaScript through jQuery (ok, originally through Scriptaculous, but who’s counting). At my first programming job, I taught myself about object oriented programming, design patterns, and other concepts through writing ActionScript, but I wrote almost no Javascript. As the Flash star waned and I was laid off, I picked up a giant JavaScript tome, very intent on learning modules and the language in general. What can I say, it became my monitor stand.

On Journaling

I’m a long time journaler, and it’s taken many different forms over the years. From a locked diary in my youth, to fancy, leather bound sketchbooks, to morning pages, to bullet journals, I’ve done it all. It’s rarely a daily habit, but more of a possible open space to let my mind wander and my feelings to reveal themselves.

Don't make a statement

Like many people, I have long dreamed of writing a Great Novel or creating some Very Moving series of art that really makes a big statement. That really connects with people. Problem was, I could never really figure out what I wanted to say that was so very important. I felt like I didn’t really have anything figured out yet, so how could I tell that big story? I didn’t even really know how I felt about anything, so how could I express those yet discovered feelings? (the technical term for this is that I felt “Dead Inside”).

Beginning Notes

Welcome to my notes. These are the things that I read, listened to, thought about, or saw that have stuck with me. I’m trying to figure out how to best represent sound bites from podcasts with the least amount of friction possible, so I’ll likely try out a few different things.

Learning Technology, In One Act

Me: I should really get back to learning VueJS, I haven’t built anything in a while.

Workshop: Leadership Through Visibility

I love writing. It’s not very evident from the lack of posting on this particular blog, but I write a lot, mostly by hand and mostly in a giant journal that is designed to look like the Handbook for the Recently Deceased from Beetlejuice (hey I got it in a game of white elephant a few years ago, the gift that keeps on giving).

Finding My Creative Voice

A quiet revolution has taken place in my office.

The Dark Mirror: We Are Our Technology

Technology spins a tight web with our social structures—technology is born from systems and social structures already in place, enhances them and strengthens them. It is not the technology itself that creates a system, it is us.

The Gamification of Life

When I first heard the word “Gamification” it is highly likely I rolled my eyes. Back then it seemed people wanted to turn everything into a game (collect 2 points for checking your bank balance woohoo!), much to the agony of actual game developers and anyone forced to collect stamps on their journey to learning their company’s new intranet.

I removed pagination, because it's time to let old things die.