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Relentless Optimism

If I had to list out my core values of work (which I did recently have to do), they comprise of things like the following:

Learning Technology, In One Act

Me: I should really get back to learning VueJS, I haven’t built anything in a while.

Workshop: Leadership Through Visibility

I love writing. It’s not very evident from the lack of posting on this particular blog, but I write a lot, mostly by hand and mostly in a giant journal that is designed to look like the Handbook for the Recently Deceased from Beetlejuice (hey I got it in a game of white elephant a few years ago, the gift that keeps on giving).

Finding My Creative Voice

A quiet revolution has taken place in my office.

The Dark Mirror: We Are Our Technology

Technology spins a tight web with our social structures—technology is born from systems and social structures already in place, enhances them and strengthens them. It is not the technology itself that creates a system, it is us.

The Gamification of Life

When I first heard the word “Gamification” it is highly likely I rolled my eyes. Back then it seemed people wanted to turn everything into a game (collect 2 points for checking your bank balance woohoo!), much to the agony of actual game developers and anyone forced to collect stamps on their journey to learning their company’s new intranet.

Ethics in Web Development

My friend is currently at a state-required class to keep his professional license. The class is called Ethics in the Modern World. He’s a massage therapist.

The Profession-alism of The Web Industry

Remember when we were just “web masters”? When only nerds used computers for anything other then work or typing up a book report?

Lest We Forget: An Ode to the Border Radius

Border radius seems like such a simple, obvious CSS property. But can we all take a moment and pour one out for that time we had to create tiny images and place them all around a container?

Why Can't That Be Me

It’s funny, the stories we tell ourselves about who we are. These stories seem to a mix of family stories (you’ve always been the smart/dumb/slow/fast one), stories of people we identify with (if she can do it, so can I), and stories from our peers.

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