Learning Technology, In One Act

Me: I should really get back to learning VueJS, I haven’t built anything in a while.

The Dark Mirror: We Are Our Technology

Technology spins a tight web with our social structures—technology is born from systems and social structures already in place, enhances them and strengthens them. It is not the technology itself that creates a system, it is us.

Ethics in Web Development

My friend is currently at a state-required class to keep his professional license. The class is called Ethics in the Modern World. He’s a massage therapist.

The Profession-alism of The Web Industry

Remember when we were just “web masters”? When only nerds used computers for anything other then work or typing up a book report?

Lest We Forget: An Ode to the Border Radius

Border radius seems like such a simple, obvious CSS property. But can we all take a moment and pour one out for that time we had to create tiny images and place them all around a container?