My Javascript story: beginning again

I began my programming journey in the late 90s (the turn of the last century…yikes). I am completely self taught, and like many people of that era, I picked up steam with JavaScript through jQuery (ok, originally through Scriptaculous, but who’s counting). At my first programming job, I taught myself about object oriented programming, design patterns, and other concepts through writing ActionScript, but I wrote almost no Javascript. As the Flash star waned and I was laid off, I picked up a giant JavaScript tome, very intent on learning modules and the language in general. What can I say, it became my monitor stand.

Learning Technology, In One Act

Me: I should really get back to learning VueJS, I haven’t built anything in a while.

The Dark Mirror: We Are Our Technology

Technology spins a tight web with our social structures—technology is born from systems and social structures already in place, enhances them and strengthens them. It is not the technology itself that creates a system, it is us.