Beginning Notes

Welcome to my notes. These are the things that I read, listened to, thought about, or saw that have stuck with me. I’m trying to figure out how to best represent sound bites from podcasts with the least amount of friction possible, so I’ll likely try out a few different things.

I have always struggled with the purpose of this website, so for now, it’s going to be a mental dumping ground. Sort of like my journal, but with less meandering and navel gazing. Something that inspired me is this post, My website is a shifting house next to a river of knowledge. What could yours be? (via Robin Rendle via Susan Robertson)

However, clarity is one of many possible intentions for a website. There are other legitimate states of mind capable of communication—a surprising, memorable, monumental, soothing, shocking, unpredictable, radically boring, bizarre, mind-blowing, very quiet and subtle, and/or amazing website could work. You also need not limit yourself to only one website—as perhaps you’d like to confuse or surprise with multiple.
My favorite aspect of websites is their duality: they’re both subject and object at once. In other words, a website creator becomes both author and architect simultaneously. There are endless possibilities as to what a website could be.

I’ve always felt like I should have a work blog, wherein I talk about technology type stuff, which was always the intention here. Because that’s what well known industry folks did, at least back when I got started in web design and development. Tutorials, deep dives, tips and tricks, long-winded think pieces on the meaning of x, I’ve tried it all, and they all feel terrible to write. Boring. Pontificating. Cringey. Much of the time I end up complaining for the sake of humour, but it always ends up sounding a bit sour.

I like this post because she highlights the fact that this blog form factor is just one tiny possibility in a sea of html. What is my purpose here? If it’s to seem professional and smart, that ship has long since sailed, if it ever docked here at all.

So I’ll just write about the things I actually think about, instead of the things I think I should be thinking about, using the most basic building blocks of the web: links.

(Ok and also podcast and Instagram embeds which are really just gussied up links when you think about it)