Talking in Circles

No matter how many times you try to describe a complicated interface, there will be some people who just don’t get it. Not that they’re dumb, but the way you describe things and the way they visualize things might just not jive. I spent maybe an hour in a meeting yesterday talking in circles. What seemed so clear to me was quite obviously not clear to others, although they didn’t say so; no one likes to admit they don’t understand. Except me–for some reason I’ll freely admit I have no idea what’s going on (yesterday: “Does that make sense?” “…….um……nope, not at all”).

Interviewing Junior Developers

In one sense, I’ve only ever interviewed for one developer position: the one I currently have at Daylight. I had actually applied for a graphic design internship when I got my first development job (“we’ll hire you as a programmer”, “um…okay”). After I left, I freelanced. So in another sense, I’ve interviewed for dozens of jobs, albeit short term contracts.

Just when you thought you were safe

I have some across a crazy IE11 Flexbox bug that I find difficult to explain. So watch this (please don’t mind the placeholder image):

Work & Passion

My work is not my passion.

Requisite Year End Post

It’s December, so it’s that time to look back and realize how I didn’t finish any of the projects I tried to start, and promise to change things next year.

I use @extend – and huge ass files

There seems to be some sort of hate going around for @extend. People seem to be having trouble with the cascade–ie, the thing they’re extending is somehow below the initial declaration. I guess. I’m not entirely sure how this would happen, unless you’re just willy nilly extending shit all over the place, and using 100 partials.

Why I don’t use Bootstrap

Pattern libraries are a fabulous thing. They allow you to get something up and running very quickly, and they allow you to reuse code across projects for things you find yourself doing again and again. CSS pre-processors make this even better–you can abstract out certain patterns into mixins and individualize module stylings, without starting from scratch. Like grids, or form inputs, or navigation patterns.

Vertical Spacing

One of my biggest challenges in translating a Photoshop comp to code is vertical spacing. In the horizontal plane, we use grids. Good designers will even set the grid up in the file, and I can just set it and forget it.

Why I don’t use Codepen

Don’t get me wrong, Codepen is great. Other people’s pens.

CMS admin workflow

Developers spend a lot of time fine-tuning their workflow. A lot of time. It makes sense, devs are tinker-ers, we spend an ungodly amount of time on computers, we like to hack into things, and we’re lazy and like to automate things for efficiency.