Tip of the Day: Kill Any Process on Any Port

I am running Angular + webpack on a VM, and some times my SSH session will bork. So I lose my connection to the webpack process … but it’s still running. What to do?

How to kill a process on a specific port on linux:

fuser -k 4200/tcp

Changing the port to whatever port you’re on of course. Learn more about fuser.


Someone I know got scolded at work because they said that maybe their job doesn’t have to be their “passion”. Excuse me what?

Where did this myth that 1) Everyone has “a” passion in life and 2) You must earn money doing said passion come from anyway? It sounds a lot like the whole Soul Partner thing (that there is only ONE person out there for you, so you better get busy looking).

Googling Test

I was trying to find a test docx file for a file upload form field and just googled test.docx and came across many posted to live sites in places they probably shouldn’t be. Got me wondering about all of the other things you could google that start with test, to see the remains of past developers not cleaning up after themselves.

In a related note, I wish I had the domain I would certainly set up and then reply to test messages 😈

Tip of the Day: Flexbox & Clearfix

I admit to not being a super user of Flexbox yet and came across a confounding bug. The layout was simple: 2 items, both maybe 25% width, and I wanted one left aligned, the other right aligned. Seems fairly simple, right? justify-content: space-between bam done.

Nope. Wasn’t working. It was producing what appeared to be space-around. I inspected until I was blue in the face and could not for the life of me figure it out. I finally made a Codepen to make sure I wasn’t insane, and it worked correctly there. wut? Well long story short, the problem was that a clearfix class being applied to the parent container. I have no idea why it only half failed, but there you go. One of many weirdo flexbox issues I’ve had. Can’t wait for grid. 🙃